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Whether you call them a Kimono Jacket, hapi coats, happy coats, or by their traditional name of haori, these Japanese Kimono Jackets are infinitely wearable. The Kimono Jacket is a traditional Japanese haori that serves as a light coat to be worn over kimono. A Kimono Jacket was originally meant to be worn by men as a companion to the hakama. In general, the wearing of a Kimono Jacket by men was well established, but the wearing of them by women did not become popular until the Edo period.The original function of the Kimono Jacket was to keep the kimono from being exposed to the elements.

These short robes make ideal clothing. We have a wide selection of business-like, everyday, and dressy Kimono Jacket. The actual length varies but is generally above the knee. Kimono Jacket length is indicated in the product description. A Kimono Jacket is made to be worn open. Sometimes, they have a small tie on the inside to keep the front edges together.

Traditional kimono dress for sale is our specialty here at www.VintageKimono.com. You can purchase traditional Japanese clothing that authentically conforms to kimono history. You can shop for many Japanese kimono robe designs and kimono sash creations... we'll make custom sashes, too. If you are here to buy or just browse, we appreciate your visit to our website today and look forward to serving you.

Kimono Jacket, traditional Japanese vintage haori kimono hapi coat clothing Item: H08
Description: Gorgeous subtle shibori haori
Silk type: Textured silk
Color: Shades of salmon to peach
Pattern: Shibori swirls & spikes
Lining: Cream jacquard silk
** SOLD **


Price: $85
Condition: Very good - slight staining on lining
Length (neck to hem): 29"
Circumf. (body): 23.5" across back - front panels 10.5" ea.
Sleeve length: 16"
Width (slv to slv): 49.5"
Haori, a traditional Japanese kimono jacket Item: H10
Description: Stunning evening haori
Silk type: Jacquard Silk
Color: Black, metallic bronze & silver
Pattern: Stylized landscapes with trees, houses and hills
Lining: Cream silk jacquard lilies
** SOLD **


Price: $195
Condition: Excellent
Length (neck to hem): 30.5"
Circumf. (body): 23" across back - front panels 10" ea.
Sleeve length: 22 "
Width (slv to slv): 50"
Kimono Jacket, traditional Japanese vintage haori kimono hapi coat clothing Item: H12
Description: Soft elegant haori
Silk type: Textured silk jacquard
Color: Dusty plum & white - closeup best color match
Pattern: Shibori flowers & leaves
Lining: Lilac & cream silk
** SOLD **


Price: $60
Condition: Very good
Length (neck to hem): 30.5 "
Circumf. (body): 22 " across back - front panels 10 " ea.
Sleeve length: 16 "
Width (slv to slv): 49.5 "
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