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Traditional Japanese Clothing is our passion here at Vintage Kimono. We offer many varieties of Traditional Japanese Clothing. Our Traditional Japanese Clothing selection includes kimono, haori, uchikake, furisode, silk scarves, among other items. We offer various styles of Traditional Japanese Clothing including formal and casual styles, and we offer an assortment of Traditional Japanese Clothing styles for all seasons and occasions.

Our purpose in offering these elegant garments is to keep this lovely tradition alive. Our Traditional Japanese Clothing is imported directly from Japan. These items are made between the early 1900s through the 1970s. Our Traditional Japanese Clothing is made of pure silk unless otherwise noted.

Traditional kimono dress for sale is our specialty here at www.VintageKimono.com. You can purchase Traditional Japanese Clothing that authentically conforms to kimono history. You can shop for many Japanese kimono robe designs and kimono sash creations... we'll make custom sashes, too. If you are here to buy or just browse, we appreciate your visit to our website today and look forward to serving you.

Traditional Japanese Clothing, vintage kimono Item: K18
Description: Visiting kimono
Silk type: Brocade silk
Color: Wine, pale lilac
Pattern: Vines & leaves
Lining: Cream body, pale shrimp bottom, red in sleeves
** SOLD **


Price: $60
Condition: Very good
Length (neck to hem): 56.5 "
Circumf. (body): 25 " across back, front panels including overlap 15" per side
Sleeve length: 23 "
Width (slv to slv): 49 "
Traditional Japanese Clothing, vintage kimono Item: CK01
Description: Boy's ceremonial Kimono
Silk type: Ro silk
Color: Black, cream, turquoise, moss green, cinnamon, burnt sienna, tan, silver & gold
Pattern: Embroidered red-tailed hawk in flight over mountains, pines & clouds
Lining: White ro silk
** SOLD **


Price: $87.5
Condition: Very good - some staining on ties - a couple very small dots on sleeves
Length (neck to hem): 38 "
Circumf. (body): 12.5 " across back
Sleeve length: 22 "
Width (slv to slv): 35 "
Traditional Japanese Clothing, vintage kimono Item: CK07
Description: Striking, rare double ikat
Silk type: Irridescent silk rinzu
Color: Wine, teal, grey, yellow, scarlet & black
Pattern: Leaves & berries
Lining: None
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Price: $75
Condition: Very good
Length (neck to hem): 59 " (150cm)
Circumf. (body): 22 " (13.5 cm) across back 12" (34 cm) front panels incl. overlap
Sleeve length: 26"
Width (slv to slv): 47 " (122 cm)
Kimono Clothing, traditional vintage Japanese Item: CK09
Description: Crisp traditional kimono
Silk type: Irridescent Ikat
Color: Deep wine, blue, cinnamon, coral, rose beige
Pattern: Floral honeycomb
Lining: Natural cotton body, turquoise bottom
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Price: $60
Condition: Very good
Length (neck to hem): 57 "
Circumf. (body): 22 " across back, 14" front panels
Sleeve length: 22 "
Width (slv to slv): 48.5 "
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